For Buyers

Buyers See Yourselves as Sellers. This Will Empower You To See With An Eye Toward ReSale, Investment and Make a Great Decision

When buying a house, condo, duplex/fourplex, townhouse or land, have the assistance of a Broker. The Seller pays the Real Estate Fee, Not The Buyer!


Most buyers go to the internet, look for property in an area. is available for searching for any properties listed for sale by all Real Estate Companies, regardless of the originating listing. Barry can provide any additional information, in regard to any listing and arrange an appointment, to see any home, even, For Sale By Owner. Choose Barry as Broker.


Barry can arrange sources and choices of financing, whether a fixed or adjustable mortgage or any combination thereof(FHA, VA and Conventional Loans). It is important to get “Pre-Qualified” for determining affordability.


It may be and can be necessary to assist with credit repair for correcting and updating credit reports. Good credit scores are needed for qualifying, getting lower interest rates and better mortgage terms.


  1. Property Size: Square footage of home and lot size.
  2. # of Bedrooms, baths, family Room, bonus Room, basement, media room,
    open concept or traditional rooms, age, charm, style as well as, all choices.
  3. Waterfront, view, acreage, treed lot, city, rural or suburb, as places to live.
  4. Price range: target a value, and then search slightly higher and lower prices.

Comparative Values:

Barry can provide sold properties at a similar price, so the buyer, doesn’t pay too much for property. Comparisons are a good way, to check your investment.

Buyers can pretend to be sellers, as this may help, in deciding a buyer’s choice. As a future “seller reseller” of this property, that actually helps you make a good decision now, seeing things through a seller’s eyes!

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