For Sellers

Sellers See Yourselves As Buyers. This Will Enable You To Make Ready a Property, the Best Way, To Truly Attract Buyers.

When selling a property it is important to treat it as a product, that you make as competitive as possible, to meet the demands of the market. It is no longer, a home with your emotional attachment to it. By doing this you are ready to sell with the potential of getting the most money for your property.

Internet Searching:

Most buyers start their search on the internet, so it is important to have a strong
presence there. Barry can provide a full line of pictures of your property with a virtual tour as well on at least 20+ internet sites!


It is essential that, Barry, get you a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis
(CMA) to be sure, you price the property correctly.
By selecting the right price, you will attract more buyers to your property.


Barry, as your Listing Broker, will stage your home for sale and give you pointers on how best to get the property ready for its’ best showings. There will be Open Houses, Brokers’ Open Houses and at least 20+ internet sites, that your property will be exposed to, to attract buyers.


Barry will also select a few financial options for the buyers for this property, so they will know potential payments for Principal and Insurance (P&I) as well as Real Estate Taxes.


Sometimes, budget permitting, it is important to have an inspection, so that you know what needs to be done to the property, before you put it on the market, instead of waiting for a buyer’s inspection and the surprises that may bring. Many deals “Walk out the Door” with a bad inspection report!

Return on Investment Analysis:

At this point, Barry can arrange a good faith estimate to show the seller, after all selling costs, what dollar amount, that the seller will get after the sale is closed at various listed prices.

Sellers can pretend to be buyers, as this may help, in getting a property ready for sale. As a buyer, you learn to know exactly “what buyers are wanting” and then you provide it with your property to match buyers’ expectations!

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